We can offer a variety of accommodations in several locations on Moskenesøya, from double rooms on the pier to cabins and apartments of different sizes.

Sørvågen is an active fishing village in spectacular natural surroundings in Lofoten. The area is located at the E10, 2km from the International E-road networks endpoint, in Å. Sørvågen is often characterized as a gem in Lofoten. In the background of Sørvågen you can se the mountain chains of “Lofotveggen” and the iconic mountain, Støvla. Beyond the sea you have a clear view of the Norwegian mainland, the Vestfjorden and the famous and notorious tidal eddy and whirlpool Moskstraumen.

Sørvågen gives you everything that Lofoten is known for, concentrated in one place. Along the pier we can spot old wooden architecture in traditional style, fishing settlement and fishing boats. In addition we find classic sea cabins that are used mainly as holiday cabins, but some of them are still used for their original purpose by professional fishermen.

The easy access to Lofoten’s incomparable mountains is what makes SørvĂĄgen unique. There are many and varied opportunities for leisure and cultural activities, outdoor activities and recreation. SørvĂĄgen is the starting point for many beautiful hiking trails and excursions, that suits everyone.

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